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Anyone who has back pain, or another condition which just seems to never go away, should call Dr. Nancy Baker.  My name is Keith and for the past 51 years I have abused my body in so many ways with sports, but my body began to deteriorate from injuries suffered along the way.  I had 13 different surgeries and had seen many different chiropractors.  However, after I re-injured my low back again and thought I would need a fourth low back microdiscectomoy my boss suggested I try his chiropractor Dr. Nancy Baker first.  I was hesitant but humored my boss and gave his “miracle worker” Dr Baker a chance and now I agree she is by far the best!  She knows the best “non-invasive” methods to heal injuries or conditions related to the body.  Dr. Baker is my 5 Star Doctor of Chiropractic.

Keith S


2017 July, 11: Dr. Baker rocks! No rushing your appointment, listens patiently to every word and her office is so welcoming and relaxing.  

Judy M.


Dr. Baker is where I come when I need something healed.  I’ve gone to 5 other Chiropractor’s in the past and was not satisfied.  Dr. Baker listens, takes the time to diagnose what’s wrong and sets up a treatment plan.  She’s my favorite Dr.!

Tammy K


I’ve had an issue with my right knee for years.  When I went to my GP about it he thought it was just natural arthritis that was causing my pain and discomfort.  After going to Dr. Baker about a low back issue and having my first adjustment, my knee has barely bothered me at all.  Dr. Baker explained to me how some injuries can cause other issues in the body, and showed me through x-rays where and what was wrong.  I’m definitely glad I started going here!

Jason D.


I’ve been having vertigo episodes for many years and tried to self manage through exercise, motion sickness wrist bands and pretty much waiting until the symptoms would pass with time.  The symptoms go anywhere from totally debilitating with nausea and inability to stand, to just being a bit unsteady and light headed.

Last December I began having recurring episodes that I didn’t seem to be able to shake.  While seeing Dr. Baker for some hip problems, I mentioned my vertigo symptoms.  Dr. Baker suggested we try acupuncture to relieve the vertigo.  At this point I was willing to try anything, and to my surprise, the relief was almost immediate and lasting.  I had another milder episode in March which Dr. Baker treated again with acupuncture and I have not had another episode since!

Thank you Dr. Baker!

Ida P.


Dear Dr. B,

 I want to thank you for all the hard work you put into me! I know that it is not always said, but I want to make sure that you know I appreciate the time you spend with me and the friendship and caring you show! You always go above and beyond! Thank You!

 Sincere regards,

Carl K.


Dear Dr. Baker:

When I telephoned your office this past September I had no idea that we could, by working together, re-create my body.

As a 68 year old woman I had become so stiff I could barely walk through a grocery store.  I complained to my daughter, a Registered Nurse, that I was having trouble doing simple movements.  I told her I had pain in my lower back where I had surgery seven years ago.  Although I had been told by my surgeon that it would always be somewhat sore, I had no idea how stiff I could become.

My daughter has had some experience and she suggested I see a Chiropractor.  She looked up some potential candidates on her computer and came up with your name and address.  I told her I wanted a woman who did not just graduate from school and who was close enough to my apartment that I could make the trip routinely.  You definitely filled that bill.

I knew I had some coverage on my insurance, but also that I would have difficulty paying the co-pay.  My daughter is secure in her profession so she offered to pick up the difference for me.  She said, “Mom, I know you will feel better when you have some proper treatments.”  I accepted her offer gratefully.

From the first meeting I just knew that we could work together to get me “moving.”  I told you my child had suggested activator treatments and acupuncture as well as manipulation.  You were open to all my suggestions and were willing to work with us on payments.  I felt instantly secure working with you.

Amazingly, you pointed out some possibilities of making my facial paralysis less obvious and debilitating.  So, we began working on my body.  After manipulations and activator and acupuncture treatments, I was astonished at the progress I was making.  I was following your instructions for exercises that were not difficult or time-consuming.

Shortly, we both noticed some relaxation in my facial expressions and that continues today.  My lower back is now so much better I no longer need an electric cart in the grocery store.  I still have difficulty with my hips and knees but that, too, is much relieved from the original pain.

I am very grateful for your treatments and your tolerance of my requests.  I hate the ice but, “Oh well.”  Thanks, [Dr.] Nancy Baker, for your professional treatment.


Julia S. H.


Dear Dr. Baker:

I'd like to thank you for the amazing acupuncture treatment. My leg has been a major problem for me for years. After just one treatment it feels so much better. I thought I was going to suffer with the pain in my leg for the rest of my life, which I hope is a very long time, but now I'm sure your continued treatment will help me feel better. I hope you can convince others to try your acupuncture treatments.

  Debbie K.


Dr B.

Thank you for helping me relieve my almost constant sinus pressure.  The acupuncture works wonderfully to clear the congestion in my face and nose.  Since starting this treatment I’ve noticed that my bouts of sinus pressure don’t seem as severe or last as long as in the past. 

Sheryl W.


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