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What is a spinalator?

A Spinalator (or Intersegmental Tractioning Table)  provides tractioning to the entire spine.  This tractioning provides relief to muscle spasms and decreases the compressive or irritative forces on the nerves.

In addition, the Spinalator induces motion in the spine which aids in the breakup of adhesions and helps restore normal motions to the spine

The tractioning table will feel like a relaxing, gentle massage and helps improve and maintain mobility of the spine.


The patients say:

“When massage no longer worked for the aches and pains, and my back really hurt -- I called Dr. Baker and quickly felt better  -- her combination of chiropractic, acupuncture, and of course, the spinalator worked great!”  Jillian P.

“Dr. Baker explains everything -- the hows and whys -- very knowledgeable.  She does not rush patients (quality vs. quantity) and she brought higher body awareness.  Now my chronic lower back pain is gone  -- thanks in part to the spinalator.” Kuang-Yu H.

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