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                                                                  Here’s what the patients say…

ð    Jenny P. … In the past four months, Dr. Baker has used a variety of effective techniques to help alleviate my pain, but the one that has surprised me the most has to be acupuncture.  The concepts behind acupuncture have always seemed to be a bit of a mystery to me, and still are for that matter, but I am here to tell you that mysterious or not, they are effective.  After an acupuncture treatment the results were subtle but profound – gradually, after several hours, it dawned on me that my pain was gone.  A bonus was an inexplicable sense of happiness and calmness.  I know that sounds quite odd and it hasn’t happened after every treatment, but when it did, the effect was astonishing and wonderful.

ð    Joanne H. … I had often heard that acupuncture was a viable alternative healing therapy, but I was dubious about how it could work.  However, when Dr. Baker administered acupuncture to me, I was amazed.  The very first time I went from stiff and sore to pain free and flexible …and I continued feeling good for several days!

ð    Irene O. … I had my “great” toe slammed in a car door 18 years ago, which may have started my degenerative arthritis.  A podiatrist once said I would need incisions made, and the arthritis scraped away, but that would only be temporary, and then I might need “great toe replacement surgery,” and even that would not guarantee results.  All the different surgeries he described to me sounded too invasive and the results too uncertain.  So rather than the knife, I tried the needles (acupuncture).  You would not believe how much relief I get!  And not just in my feet – every inch of me feels great with acupuncture.

ð    Rita O. … I looked with envy on Dr. Baker’s patients who got so much relief with acupuncture and longed to have the same experience.  The Dr. had tried it on me a couple of times with no success.  One day I came in with an acute pain in my neck (literally!) and shoulder pain.  She administered acupuncture and, miraculously, I had no pain.  Now I’m a believer, too!

ð    Mary Ann C. … This is one person who swears by acupuncture!! Whether you need it for chronic pain or just being proactive, it is worth the try!!  Everyone is afraid of the needles.  Let me tell you – you don’t feel a thing and the end results are so worth it.  Give it a try … it will make you feel healthy, happy, energized and pain free!!

July 2017....YELP REVIEW: I got instant relief from nagging headache and shoulder pain. Also said goodbye to tennis elbow! I play tennis and I have been hampered by aches so Dr. Baker's acupuncture treatment is my go-to! She did therapies to relax tight muscles and stuck joints. She applied acupuncture patches (teeny needles) so I could take the needles to go. No kidding. I played the best match pain free after a treatment last week. It's an underrated benefit to be really pain free.

Here’s what the experts say…

Although acupuncture has only recently been recognized in the western world, it has been used for centuries, and continues to be used worldwide.  After years of investigation and research, many clinics and hospitals throughout the United States have incorporated the use of acupuncture therapy.

The continued success of acupuncture is evident by the fact that it has survived the multitudes of cultural and scientific changes that have occurred in the last five thousand years.


Scientific investigation has shown that a high degree of electrical potential can be measured at various points on the skin throughout the body.  These specific areas closely correspond to what the ancient Chinese describe as acupuncture points.  These points can be stimulated or sedated, depending on the desired effect, to cause a similar action on a related internal organ or body part.

Ancient Chinese documents describe an energy force or “chi” that travels through the meridians.  Through acupuncture, this energy can be increased or decreased in an internal organ or body part to bring about proper balance, which is conducive to good health.

The use of acupuncture is not indicated in the treatment of every ailment.  In some cases other methods of treatment are preferred, and in others, acupuncture should only be used where conventional methods have failed to produce the desired results.  The doctor may also decide to use acupuncture in conjunction with other forms of therapy.

ACUPUNCTURE – THE TREATMENT                                     

 The application of acupuncture therapy is performed by skillfully piercing the skin with very fine disposable needles to varying depths, and then withdrawing them.  The disease, its location, and various other indications determine at which points the needles are used.  Any discomfort that may occur is minimal and can be compared to that of pulling a single hair from the skin.

 The required number of treatments cannot be predetermined.  They will vary in accordance to the extent and severity of the ailment.  The doctor will be able to determine if treatment should be continued or terminated depending on the patient’s initial response to treatment.


 A high percentage of patients have experienced good to complete improvement.  Results are directly related to the patient’s willingness to cooperate with the prescribed treatment regime.  As in other forms of treatment, results are not guaranteed.  Acupuncture must be given the same fair trial as any other form of therapy.

See if acupuncture is for you!

Click here to watch a video demonstrating acupuncture to relieve sinus pressure.

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